Board Members

Our Foundation is run by an Executive Committee, a subset of our larger Board of Directors, which is comprised of community business and education leaders, Clarkston alumni, parents and others. Our Foundation and our Board of Directors are completely independent of the Clarkston School District, operating separate funds and having no formal or legal connection with the district, allowing the Foundation to operate as creatively as possible for the enhancement of education in all Clarkston schools. Click on Contact Us if you’re interested in joining our Board of Directors or one of its committees.

Executive Committee

President — Chris Bunce
Vice President — Sharon Damon
Treasurer — Chris Bunce
Secretary — Stephanie Heflin
Awards Chair — Kay Andersen
Investment and Finance Chair — Tim Lynch

Board of Directors

Ronda Ahlsten
Kay Andersen
Chris Bunce
Sharon Damon
Mary Dolezal
Blake Harrington
Matt Haugen
Stephanie Heflin
Tim Lynch
Chad Miltenberger
Rob Setlow
Cara Thompson